Introducing The Better Build Blog

Welcome to The Better Build Blog, our new blog by Justin Gray Homes!  

What Makes “A Better Build”?

At Justin Gray Homes, all of our custom homes are constructed using the best materials and best building techniques. For us, this better build starts with the foundation and carries throughout the walls and structure. The result is a home that is energy efficient, has enhanced resistance to the elements, and will hold its value for years to come. In short, we bring added value to every home at no extra cost.  

 We build beautiful homes, but it is what’s behind the walls that counts.

What You’ll Learn in Our Blogs

The Better Build Blog will be presenting a series of blogs discussing elements that every person shopping for a home should look for in a new build; elements that we’re proud to say are included in every Justin Gray Home.  Whether you become an owner of a Justin Gray custom built home, or are in the market for a new build, we hope The Better Build Blog will help educate you about what things to look for in the construction of each home as you shop.

Our blog series will cover everything about a better built home, including:

  • Your Foundation and the importance of the type of concrete used for it,
  • Air Vapour Barrier System benefits and best practices for your build,
  • Your Walls and the added value to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter,
  • Your Windows for noise reduction and energy efficiency,
  • Solar Ready to power your home with clean and pure energy from the sun,
  • Mechanical Systems that include state-of-the-art furnaces, tankless hot water, and heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems, and
  • Luxury Finishes found in high-end homes, carefully curated by an in-house interior designer.  

There is so much that goes into the construction of a home but, as we mentioned, it’s the extra added elements that come standard in your home, that truly make it A Better Build. 

Learn more by visiting The Justin Gray Homes Better Build Advantage by visiting our website at:

Single-Family Infill Homes – Justin Gray Homes – Edmonton, Alberta

The Man Behind The Build

Justin Gray holds close to 20 years of experience in new home construction. He has managed the build of over an amazing 3,200 homes in the Edmonton region. Having completed his Red and Blue seal carpentry designations, Justin’s expertise allows him to bring an exceptionally high level of quality and care into each and every one of his custom homes. 

He holds a passion for building homes that will not only stand the test of time and last for decades to come, but also be a beautiful and functional space in which his homeowners are proud to live in. As Justin says, “I put the care and detail into every home I build, as though it was built for my family and I.” He has an unwavering commitment to elevating the way homes are built…. from the foundation up. Or as we like to call it, “A Better Build.”

Justin Gray

We Want to Hear From You!

We hope our Better Build Blogs will help you become more knowledgeable about all of the things to look for in new home construction! And while we’ll cover the areas of A Better Build, if you have any additional questions about building a new home that you would like addressed in an upcoming blog, we welcome your inquiries and would be happy to answer them! Chances are that if you have a question there is someone out there that will also have the same question, so please feel free to contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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