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Happy I chose Justin Gray Homes as my builder. He was efficient and delivered the house within the scheduled timeframe. His design was ideas were great and welcomed. During the building process, he answered any questions and if he didn’t know sought out the answer. Post possession he was just as attentive.

We bought our first house from Justin Gray homes in 2018 and have been very happy with it since. We were impressed with the attention to detail that far exceeded that of other infills. Most importantly, we are amazed by how helpful Justin himself has been — he responds to our concerns at an almost alarmingly fast pace and ensures the necessary work is carried out by his contractors to fix the small issues that are inevitable in any house. We have recommended him to our friends and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Justin!

I approached Justin to build my Lendrum infills because of his reputation of building high quality infill homes in Edmonton with fast turnaround times but I quickly learned that Justin prides himself with providing a premium level of customer service and a vast knowledge in all aspects of building infills just as much as he does with the build itself.

Since this was my first infill project, I had a lot of questions and apprehension. Justin did a great job of leveraging his experience in previous builds to help me make confident, cost effective and timely decisions.

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