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a better build

From the foundation and floorplan, to elegant designer finishings inside and out, Justin Gray Homes prioritizes creating functional, flowing homes designed to elevate how you live.

Vaulted Ceiling

Strong, Timeless, Elegant

Justin has more than just his red and blue carpentry seals, he has been an entrepreneur since day one. He has 20 years of experience as a carpenter, site superintendent, construction manager, real estate investor, and business owner.

So, what makes Justin Gray Homes different from other builders? On top of his experience, education, and passion, Justin is dedicated to client satisfaction. No detail goes unnoticed or unevaluated in a Justin Gray Home—everything is considered an opportunity for elevation. Because your home is your most important investment.

While it’s common in the industry to pinch pennies and build only to the bare minimum of standards, Justin does not compromise on his “Better Build” approach. This means that he goes above and beyond expectation to build every home using the best materials and the highest quality craftsmanship. His respect for his clients and their homes inspires his zero-tolerance policy for anything less than the best.


WHAT YOU SEE – interior finishes

For custom-build clients, you’ll work directly with Justin Gray and Carissa McAuley, a professional interior designer, on the design of your home. The three of you will select all of your fixtures and finishes together.

If you’re purchasing a completed home from Justin Gray Homes, you can be confident that the Justin Gray Homes team has thoughtfully chosen quality finishes that will elevate your home for years to come.

Elevated Design

A Justin Gray home includes luxury features like vaulted ceilings, gas fireplaces, Iron Elements railings and custom lighting.

Kitchen Finishes

We use only the best quartz countertops, soft close cabinets and dove tail drawers for the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of having

Custom Build Options

Custom-build home clients work directly with Justin Gray and an interior designer so your new home is a perfect expression of your personal style.

Wood feature wall


We build beautiful homes, but it’s what you can’t see that counts. With most homebuilders, you get what you pay for. With Justin Gray Homes, you get more than you pay for. We guarantee quality and take on the additional cost of ensuring your home is efficient, strong, and beautiful, even where you can’t see it.

Walls & Insulation

R22 Insulation

We use R22 insulation on the main and second floor. This thicker insulation ensures your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.
Most builders use R20. R22 is thicker than R20 and provides superior energy efficiency.

R20 Insulation

We use R20 insulation in your basement walls which is much thicker than the R12 that most other builders use. Your basement walls require less insulation than the upper levels due to the reduced exposure to wind and extreme temperatures, but thick R20 insulation keeps it warm and cozy even through our cold Canadian winters.

R50 Attic Insulation

We use R50 insulation in your attic. This thicker insulation is blown into the attic space to reduce heat loss in winter and protect against heat in summer.

Spray Foam Insulation

Wherever your floor intersects with the outer frame of your home, we use a spray foam that ensures the areas are sealed against the outside elements and do not let in vapour. The result is an airtight seal which protects against heat loss. We apply closed cell R20 spray foam to perimeter joists and closed cell R28 spray foam to cantilevers.

Most other builders use pieces of insulation and plastic sheets rather than efficient spray foam. These alternatives are taped in place, do not form an airtight seal and can pull apart over time.



We use triple pane windows for energy efficiency and noise reduction. Triple pane windows have 3 sheets of glass between the inside of your home and the outside, which ensures your home stays quiet and cozy.

Most other builders use double pane windows.


Mechanical Systems

We exclusively use Lennox furnaces in our homes. These are known as the “Mercedes of Furnaces” due to their superior quality, low noise functioning and excellent energy efficiency.

Most builders use other brands of furnace due to cost.

HRV System

The heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system keeps fresh air circulating throughout your home and uses a heat recovery mechanism to collect the heat out of the stale air before it is vented outside the home.

The HRV system then adds this heat to the fresh air coming into your home, thus reducing wasted energy. This system also keeps humidity levels consistent. The result is a home with clean, fresh air and a lower energy bill each month.

Tankless Water Heaters

We use tankless water heaters instead of hot water tanks. This is more energy efficient as you heat the water on demand. You will save money on your water heating AND you will never run out of hot water again!

Solar Ready

We take the time to make your home solar ready, so if you want to add a few panels, or a lot of panels, it will be an easy transition. Solar energy will take your energy savings to the next level, helping your pocketbook and the planet.


The foundation of a home is the most important structure. Ensuring that your basement is damp-proof and crack resistant will prevent costly flooding and foundation cracks. Just like every other detail, your foundation is precision built for unparalleled quality.


Platon Wrapped Foundation

We use a water pro wrap around the perimeter of the foundation of your home. This wrap creates an air space between your foundation wall and the soil your home sits in. This allows water to run away from your foundation walls, preventing damp basements and flooding.

Most builders use a tar paint on the outside of the foundation which can crack, peel and disintegrate over time, leaving you with a wet basement.


The Concrete

We use Type 50 32 MPA concrete for the footings AND the walls of your basement. This is the strongest concrete available and is also sulphate resistant ensuring that erosion will not occur over time.

Most builders use Type 50 32 MPA only in the footings. Using this in your basement walls as well ensures the strongest foundation for your new home.

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