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Suburb Misconceptions

Suburbs get a bad reputation for being “out of the way” and located in distant outskirts of cities. Nothing is father from the truth!

Nothing is father from the truth!

Family photo moving

Suburban communities have a much higher focus on family living with an abundance of green spaces, parks, schools, and many commercial amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and medical offices.

While public transit is a challenge, the majority of your necessities are brought TO YOU. For example, our development in the Parkside at Glenridding has an already established and large variety of daycares, schools, extracurricular programs, and medical offices open across the street.

The trick to finding the right suburban community is to find one that has all the amenities to suit your needs. With lot prices typically lower in these areas, this means you can get a larger house, lot and lifestyle for a lower cost.

This also means that you are building NEW. Every element of your home and community is new.  New roads, new sidewalks, new services, new foundations;  lowering the potential risks of service or structural issues in the near future.

So before you start thinking “Oh that’s too far ____” take a drive through the community and re-evaluate what it actually has to offer.

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